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  Maya Barak   LMT, CST, BHA

"Self-healing is inherent in each human being" 
Dr. John Upledger 

By age 30, I found myself influenced by early life experiences and paternalistic perception, not knowing how to pave my own path to self-fulfillment, self-realization and self-acceptance. I did realized that it was up to me alone, to change my situation in life, into something that fitted me better. Reasons, (or excuses), will always exist, yet, if I wanted to improve my life I knew I had to do something about it and now. I was already on the right path, I just didn’t know what to do next. And that’s when I got my Hands Analysis.

The Hands Analysis helped me realize why I was acting, reacting, avoiding, and doing things a certain way. It helped me understand the “why” behind the “what”. It took only 2-3 hours to understand my self better, and receive many insights and highlights on what needed awareness and work. Furthermore, I didn’t need to say much, I mostly showed my hands. The suggestions that were provided were not only spot on, but also helped me realize the path ahead of me.

 Comprehending the amazing capabilities and advantages of the Hand Analysis, to help people from different backgrounds, ages and cultures, was quite a unique realization. I had finally found one of my callings, and became an accredited Hands Analyst. 

Next I searched for more tools to help my clients achieve and create the change they were longing for. I became a  CranioSacral therapist and licensed massage therapist and accumulated more tools.  The main methods I use are Craniosacral therapy, Somato-Emotional Release, CST glial technique to promote nervous system health and improvement, Attachment therapy, advanced massage techniques like satellite muscles and myofascial release.

I believe that the body is a self-correcting mechanism that has an innate ability to heal itself, an inner-wisdom, or inner-physician as Dr. Upledger called it. 

I provide space for your body, heart and mind to relax, center and re-connect with your inner-self via the body, better understand and connect to who you are and help achieve self-fulfillment and development via your unique body based journey. 

My vision is to help my clients work with and release negative emotions, past self-destructive mechanisms, and build a new self-fulfilling, empowering, loyal inner-self that connects and develops your body-mind-emotion-spirit connection.


In addition to holding certificates in CranioSacral, Massage Therapy, and hands Analysis, I hold a BA in Business and MA in Art history. 



Just trust that everything is folding the way it is supposed to.

Don't resist.

Surender to what is.

Let go of what was.

Have faith in what will be. 

Be patient.

Great things are waiting for you around the corner.

In fact, they have arrived. 

- Sonia Ricotti

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