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Attachment Body Based Therapy

Improving Relationships, Bonds, and Physical Stimuli

Attachment-based therapy was developed by British psychologist John Bowlby, who first proposed that strong early attachment to at least one primary caregiver is necessary for children to have a sense of security and the supportive foundation they need to freely interact with their environment, to explore, to learn from new experiences, and to connect with others. 

How does this come into place? The physical body of the neonate registers ALL that promotes the bonding with the mother or main caregiver, both pleasant and traumatic. When babies sense fear, pain and other continues traumatic experiences, their direction of attention turns from inwards their body, the place intended to build the core-identity, connection to the inner-self, and develop sensitivities at the surface of their own body, to out side of their body. Since the contact with the surface of the body has been abruptly severed, it decreases the baby's ability to feel its own body, both pain and pleasure, and connect to their core identity and rich inner world. This leads to a high threshold of pain that is not an inherent genetic factor.  These adults tend to become not only insulated from pain, but also seem alive when they feel pain. 


On an emotional level, without a healthy foundation, babies may grow to be fearful, confused, and insecure, ultimately becoming depressed. This substantially influences all their relationships and bonds, both intimate and non-intimate.


As these early experiences were developed during infancy, where the body is the main learning device, with Attachment Body Based therapy we turn back to the body to implement new and better attachment experiences. This mode of intervention aims at delivering what should have been the infant's experience of total security in total dependency. The client records the experience of perfect containment while keeping immobile. This Attachment Body Based therapy fosters the body to explore how one’s childhood experiences might impact their ability to form meaningful bonds as adults and become generally more receptive and responsive to physical stimuli. 

1 hour session: $120

About the developer Mazi Amos

Attachment Body therapy was developed my Mazi Amos from her clinic in Tel Aviv Israel, to introduce a program geared to reversing this condition. The method is supported by Dr. Arnold Holtzman. 

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