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Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a whole body approach that uses light touch manual therapy that works with the body’s self-correcting mechanism to affect multiple structural and physiological systems in attaining greater health and well being.

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During any bodywork session, when the physical release happens, images, emotions, memories and/or sensations, associated with the physical pain or trauma, might arise. This physical healing process is helped by allowing the emotional healing to occur at the same time.

Soma-Emotional body therapy is a gentle noninvasive hands-on therapy performed on a massage table.  

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Whether you suffer from chronic or non-chronic pain, ask about Advanced Massage, Deep-Tissue, Myofascial Release and Satellite Muscles Techniques. Body work had the advantage of incorporating different methods to help relieve pain and aches.

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Massage is used for several health conditions and provides many health benefits, including reducing stress, pain, and muscle tension. Working with clients who suffer from migraines showed that ongoing massage helped reduce the number of attacks, as well as their severity. 

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The Hand Analysis, also called Psychodiagnostic Chirology (PDC), provides a comprehensive personal map of inborn potentials, and explains how experiences in infancy and childhood shaped our behavior and influences our present, everyday life. This map, as shown in our hands, draws, almost from the moment of birth, the most substantial experiences of a person’s life (usually traumatic), which deeply influenced and determine the adult personality.

Since these are very early experiences, they are lost to the conscious mind, yet exist forever in the sub-conscious. The individual, without being able to understand the source of these early experiences, often finds him or herself motivated by impulses, and answers to them in relationships, work and more. Biometric Hand Analysis connects between the painful “what” – patterns of behavior and disturbing thoughts, and the hidden “why” - the causes of these patterns that often stem from our subconscious memories. 

The Biometric Hands Analysis also provides varied tools to help each person work on self-growth and improvement, to reach a more balanced, meaningful and fulfilling life., body and mind, and deeply influence our adult personality. 

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Attachment-based therapy developed from the 1960s work of British psychologist John Bowlby, who first proposed that strong early attachment to at least one primary caregiver is necessary for children to have a sense of security and the supportive foundation they need to freely interact with their environment, to explore, to learn from new experiences, and to connect with others.


Attachment Body Based Therapy aims at helping the client to re-learn attachment skills via the body.

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