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Memories Are Embedded In Our Body

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Our memory do not only reside in the brain - our body also has a memory system that will influence our emotional and physical state.

Our body carries many memories - good and bad, new and old, funny and sad – and it will not let go of the ones we wish to release, until we do the needed work. Many people try talking about their issues, yet talking alone is sometimes not enough. If a memory is embedded in the cells, muscles, fascia, and organs, the body will not allow your brain to release the pain. Many early memories are sitting in the body, as the brain was not fully developed to absorb and understand situations and circumstances. The only way to deal was to bury them deep in the inner layers of the flesh, where they would sometimes forever stay. Body work helps us remember – it helps us relax, breathe, and enables us to be in our body, feel, get in-touch with deeper layers that are ready to reveal themselves. Body work provides a different path to getting in-touch with issues that really matter, but are often left untouched. With time the body unravels hidden secrets and is ready to let go of emotional burden that is not needed. Often traumas appear and dealt with, and attachment issues are acknowledged and healed. When our body feels safe and at ease, it seems to do important work, like allowing breathe to travel deeper, enable more space in our heart and courage to deal with life, and sometimes people we have issues with. Emotional body work requires patience, perseverance, belief and letting go of irrelevant conceptions and even parts of the ego. It is not always an easy path, but it is a rewarding one and well worthwhile. Those who experience release of difficult emotions and feelings that were bottled in the body for many years, usually enjoy a natural elevating sensation. They feel free and happy.

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